New Year's Eve in Matera: Ferment for "the coming year"

A few days from the long awaited New year 2019, which will mark for Matera the beginning of a new era, the turmoil in the city is palpable.
Traders and citizens undertake these last days to complete the preparations of a night that, we are sure, we will not forget so easily.

Rai has strongly wanted the city of Matera for the event of the New Year 2019.

Initially the event was assigned to the city of Venosa, but Rai was opposed by shifting the event to the town of Sassi.

The start time is scheduled at 21:00, just after the year-end speech of the President of the Republic.

In the beautiful Piazza Vittorio Veneto will alternate for about 4 hours big names of the Italian music scene and young local talents.

It will be a crackling and exciting new Year!

Line up of the event

Amadeus will present for us Massimo Ranieri, L’volo, Malika Ayane, Red Canzian, Gianni Remove, Michele Zarrillo, Fausto Leali, Ivana Spain, Alan Sorrenti, Donatella rector and many other surprises!

So we just have to start the count-down and wish you all a surprising new Year and that is 2019 times better than the previous one.